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Read below then click this button!

How would you like to win yourself a little souvenir from Copenhagen?

I will be doing random 'Peri Prize Scopes' on the live stream app called Periscope as I wander around Copenhagen.

I will zero the step counter on my phone just before I start scoping and take a note of the steps taken at the end of the scope.

All you have to do is guess how many steps I took during the scope, without going over!

If you are just one step over, it doesn't count.

The person who guesses the closest, without going over, wins either a Copenhagen key ring or a Copenhagen fridge magnet.

If you guess EXACTLY how many steps I took, you win the key ring AND the fridge magnet!

You don't have to watch me live, you can watch a replay of the scope whenever it suits you and guess how many steps you think I took.

Email your guess to me at

Put your guess in the subject line of the email and your email address in the actual email.

For example, if you thought I took 2722 steps, open an email and put '2722 Steps' in the subject line and  just your email address in the actual email.

That way I don't have to actually open all of the emails to see the numbers.

If I don't see the number of steps in the subject line, I won't open the email.

At the end of the scope I will give the date and time when that particular competition ends. Any entries sent after the closing date will be ignored.

In the case of the nearest number being guessed by more than one person, the person who emailed the number first will be the winner.

I will contact the winner by email to arrange postal delivery.

The Peri Prize Scope will be a random event. Look for #periprizescope in the title of my scopes.

Some scopes will be very long but some will be very short, to keep things interesting.

All you have to do now is download Periscope to your mobile phone or tablet and follow me, just search for eyeseecopenhagen.

Don't have, or don't want, Periscope?

No problem, you can still watch a replay of the scope without using Periscope, just click HERE.

To make it even easier, download the Eye See Copenhagen app and click on Contact Us, that will automatically open an email directed to me.

Use the Eye See Copenhagen app to find out when a new Peri Prize Scope competition goes live. Simply switch on 'Peri Prize Scope' in the Alerts section of the app and you will know instantly when a new competition has started.

If you have any questions at all about the competition, just drop me an email at

Good luck!



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