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Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting is something that I never expected to find myself doing.

In fact, until December 2019 I had never even heard of Diamond Painting!


That's when I accidentally stumbled across an advert for it and thought 'That looks pretty cool'.

So, I started searching for Diamond Painting videos on YouTube and looking for Diamond Painting websites.

The more I looked, the more interested I got.

I watched quite a few YouTube videos before I hit that 'Buy' button and I'm really glad that I did.

It definitely saved me a lot of time and frustration.

I kept reading that if you wanted a detailed picture, the bigger the better and square drills give more detail.

So, my very first Diamond Painting was a 60cm x 60cm canvas with square drills.

It wasn't until I opened the box that I realised just how big a 60x60 canvas is and just how tiny Diamond Painting drills (The little pieces that make up the picture) really are!

After many hours of work, music, coffee and occasional beer, the Magic Tree was finaly completed and I moved straight onto my next project.

I quickly discovered that Diamond painting can become very addictive!

I also discovered that Diamond Painting is predominantly a hobby for the fairer sex and Diamond Painting pens tend to be in the 'Pink & Glittery' category.


Sparkly pens with mermaid tails or pom poms on the end aren't really my thing but there are more manly pens out there, if you know where to look..


I'm hoping to show that the hobby of Diamond Painting is  also something for the guys.

If you are interested in Diamond Painting and want to meet other enthusiasts you can join us in the Diamond Painting Jim Facebook Group where we share hints, tips, pictures of  what we are working on and generally just chill out.

Maybe I'll catch you in there.



Bye for now,


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