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Ron Devillez

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I started writing poetry as a teenager and at age 18 I learned to play guitar so I could write songs.

I practiced with easy chord songbooks from John Denver and the Eagles, never took formal lessons.


I wrote on my own for years and then played in a few cover bands and duos from 1997 to 2005. Since then I've been recording in a small studio in my using an iMac with GarageBand.

I still perform some and enjoy playing my own songs. My CDs are available at reverbnation and CDbaby. I also have them at my gigs with download cards. My writing style is more like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, but my main influences are very broad. Lyrically I'm most inspired by Rush and Pink Floyd, but I listen to everything. AC/DC and the Scorpions are long time favourites, for example.

All types of music of music interest me.

I currently perform under the name 'Hillbillidevilli'. It came about when my lady, Dayle, was trying to learn to pronounce my last name. The 'z' is silent, so she told me how she remembered it and I thought that would be a fun name to use on stage. She joins me on stage for some skit type acting to some of the songs I do. She will eventually be doing some percussion. She's working on that now. Tambourine, egg shaker, maracas, etc.

Funny Story

I used to sing Sweet Home Alabama and I opened the song with the intro riff, then the band came in. I forgot the first two lines one time and made them up on the spot. I remember singing something about a mother and a truck and then the correct words came to me. The guys in the band were trying real hard not to laugh.

A girl came up to me on break and said she thought she knew the words, but had never heard the lines I sang. I told her sometimes we can forget the words to songs we think we know well.

There are a lot of other stories. As most musicians know, if you play out long enough stuff happens. The bands I was in were able to laugh it off and go on. Our motto was 'No matter what, don't stop playing. We'll fix it later'.



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