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Welcome to Tammy's Kitchen!

To see what's on the menu, click HERE.

Tammy is my wife and she loves to cook!

She is originally from America but has been living in Copenhagen since 1989.

I manage to persuade Tammy to let me live stream her cooking using an app called Periscope.

The plan is to build up a list of recipes over time, with a link to a video of her actually making the dish and answering questions as she makes it on Periscope.

There will be a mixture of traditional Danish dishes and some of her own twists on other recipes.

If you want to join in, live, while she cooks and ask questions just go to your app store, download and install an app called Periscope, then search under 'People' for eyeseecopenhagen.

Click the + button, then you will get a notification of when I am online.

We hope that you enjoy the videos and, more importantly, give some of the recipes a try and let us know what you think.

Send us a picture of what you make and we'll add you to the Viewers' Choice gallery.

Bye for now,

                        Jim & Tammy

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