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We started this band back in mid 2011.


Myself and my drummer Tony Garrett  started the band. We set out to find other musicians who were in it to the music, not the rock and roll lifestyle. 


That being said we went through quite a few people before we got the group we have now.


The bass player Louis “Tody” Ballard has close to forty years experience. He has played all over the Arkansas area with some of the top local acts through the years.


Tony Garrett has over twenty years playing the drums. He is a true master of his craft and chooses different woods of the drums and cymbal selection depending on the acoustics, size, and other factors of the room to get the best possible sounds. It’s a trip to watch him work.   


Andrew McFarlane is our keyboard player and youngest member of the band at 21.  He has played for several years and honestly blows my mind at his ability. From playing blindfolded to walking around the piano and playing upside down in the middle of songs, he adds a factor to the show that is truly unmatched.   


Ernest Skinner is our lead guitar player. Over thirty years experience in playing and probably one of the best guitarists I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. 


I have almost thirty years experience playing music.  Grew up in a musical family and played since I was 5.

We strive to cover all genres of music.  We don’t want to be pigeonholed in to one style of music.  We all have different tastes in music, so we try to have a blend to have something for everyone. We break songs down and work on them for weeks and never stop learning new material. 


We are currently working on our second album.

As far as a funny story:

Hmm. Well we went to a show one time and our drummer forgot the legs to his toms.   So we looked around and found some rebar, cut it and built legs for the drums while we were doing the sound check.

Dustin King

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