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My name is Peri Bear and I was born on Saturday the 11th of June 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark!


I am now on a World Wide Adventure to visit all of my friends!

I will be taking selfies with the people I meet and posting them on my very own 'Selfies' page on this web site!

To check out which countries and States I have visited so far and see pictures of where I have been, just click HERE!

To see my Peri Bear Selfies gallery, CLICK HERE!

One of friends in Kentucky wrote a song about me while I was there! Just CLICK HERE to see the video!


You never know, I might be visiting somewhere near you soon, or I may even be in YOUR neighbourhood right now!

Drop by once in a while to see where I am and how far I have traveled since I started my Epic Adventure!

Better still, join me on Facebook and Twitter!

I am in New York, USA!

So far, I have traveled........

29,387 miles    47,294 km


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