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'The Copenhagen Collection'

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Are you planning to visit Copenhagen and would like a tour but don't want to join a large group of complete strangers?

Neither would I, that's why I started Eye See Copenhagen Custom Tours!

My name is Jim Lind.

I moved from Scotland to Copenhagen in 2012 and have been fascinated by this beautiful city from day one.

I spend a lot of time walking around the city and often see tourists standing looking at maps and brochures, trying to figure out where they are, what they want to see and how to get there.

I can easily cut out all that hassle and let you concentrate on enjoying the city instead of concentrating on the maps.


Your tour will be unique to you and whoever is with you. No strangers will be tagging along with us as I specialise in very small groups and individual visitors. This makes the whole experience much more personal and relaxed.


Your tour can change at any time if something of interest just happens to get mentioned in general conversation (I prefer to talk with people, not at them).

Tours aren't scripted and there is no rigid route, which makes each tour very individual and unique.

I can even meet you at your hotel to start the tour and end back at your hotel. No need to find a meeting point in a city that you don't know.

Copenhagen is a truly beautiful city and there are many different things to see and experience. The culture, the beautiful architecture, the canals, the history, the food, and of course, the bicycles!

If you are visiting Copenhagen and want a personal, private walking tour which is specifically aimed at you, get in touch with me at

You won't regret it!

Jim Lind

"Jim is a fantastic guide, showing you around the city so that you are comfortable with the rest of your stay to explore all the delights it has to offer."

"Fantastic relaxed way to explore the city.

A personal tour is what you get, from history and architecture to liquorice and Lego."

"Definitely recommend this sort of tour if you are on a city break or a longer stay and want to know how to get around without hassle"

If you are interested in your very own personal tour of Copenhagen, get in touch with me at

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