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As part of this ever growing website, I have asked the artists on the Music page if they could write a little bio of how they got interested in music, what they play, what their main influences are, that sort of thing

I'm also asking if they have any funny stories that they can share from life as a working musician.

Things that have gone wrong, weird encounters, etc.

Hopefully it will give listeners a little more insight into the people behind the music. :o)

I will read out their biographies, live on Periscope, with their music playing in the background (Not just 30 second clips) and will post a copy of their bio so that people can read over it in their own time.

I'd also like to thank all of these hard working musicians for taking the time to put the bios together specifically for the Eye See Copenhagen website!

Just click on each name below to see their particular biography and find a link to their very own 'Featured Artist' scope.


Phil Luna

Jeiris Cook

Emmy Rich DiamondBack

Ron Devillez


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